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Water Conservation Technical Advisory Group

The Water Conservation Technical Advisory Group (WCTAG) was formed in March 2010 and meets monthly to discuss water conservation planning and ongoing water conservation projects. The membership of the WCTAG consists of geographically and demographically diverse water providers from across the state as well from environmental groups, non-profit organizations, federal agencies and water consultants.

Purpose and Goals

Purpose: To advise the CWCB on the prioritization of its M & I water conservation related initiatives and studies; and to provide peer review of resulting water conservation products.

  • To create an open forum in which to examine and discuss the M & I water conservation related work and projects that the CWCB is initiating and developing.
  • To advance the science of M & I water conservation in Colorado.
  • To develop partnerships between M & I water providers and the CWCB in order to determine future statewide directions in water conservation projects and research.
  • To create a better, more collaborative relationship between local M & I water providers, water professionals, non-governmental organizations, and state and federal agencies.
  • To avoid redundancies and investigative duplication, and increase efficiencies of study and implementation efforts.
  • To indirectly inform and support the IBCC process through review of CWCB water conservation work products.
  • To provide technical support on M & I water conservation strategies to the Basin Roundtables.
Current and Future Subject Areas/Projects

Current or Completed
  • HB 10-1051 Guidelines and On-Line Data Reporting Tool
  • Water Efficiency Guidance Document Revision
  • Sample M & I Water Efficiency Plan
  • SWSI Levels Analysis
  • SWSI 2010-Water Conservation Strategy
Possible Future Directions:
  • Cost of Water Conservation Analysis - The purpose is to assign full economic costs and benefits of water conservation implementation to both water provider and customer sides.
  • Other Demand Management Strategies - Land Use and Density o Impact of density & how it relates to new growth o How do changing land use patterns affect future water demands? o The difference in water demands from new vs. old housing stock
  • Conservation Outreach Initiative – A proposal from the Colorado BRT for increased and consistent outreach on water conservation initiatives to the BRTs to inform their conservation discussions.
  • Strategic Reserves/Drought Planning – A SWSI 2016 PRIORITY
    • IPPs and new water supply projects -How much strategic reserve is built into water supply projects vs. how much can be garnered through conservation?
  • M & I Utility Water Conservation Tracking Tool
  • Permanency & Penetration Rate Analysis
  • Passive Water Conservation Phase II