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Statewide Water Supply Initiative - 2010

The Statewide Water Supply Initiative (SWSI) 2010 provides a comprehensive picture of Colorado’s water needs, now and in the future. It incorporates and summarizes previously published work by CWCB and the Basin Roundtables and includes:

  • An executive summary
  • An analysis of nonconsumptive needs and nonconsumptive projects and methods
  • An analysis of consumptive needs, including municipal, industrial, and agricultural water needs
  • An analysis of water availability in each river basin
  • An analysis of municipal and industrial identified projects and processes and a municipal and industrial gap analysis, and
  • Strategies to fill the gap.

Each of these sections is based on previous work which received significant input from the basin roundtables and the public. SWSI 2010 was adopted by the Board at its January 2011 meeting.

Click on the links below to download SWSI 2010 as a whole or section by section. Documents with file sizes larger than 10MB are noted.

SWSI 2010 Documents

SWSI 2010 Full Final Report (sections)

Nonconsumptive Geo-Spatial PDFs