Water Projects & Programs

The CWCB is involved in the following water-related projects and programs: ­
  • Chatfield Reservoir Reallocation Project: The project is investigating the potential for reallocation of reservoir storage space from flood control use to multi-purpose use, including up to 20,600 acre feet for municipal & industrial (M&I) and agricultural uses. ­
  • Weather Modification Program: The program issues weather modification (WM) permits, monitors WM activities for temporary curtailment, provides technical assistance and funding to local programs, and keeps the public informed about state and regional WM activities. ­
  • Fallowing-Leasing Pilot Projects: The CWCB is hosting stakeholder workshops to discuss the criteria and guidelines for fallowing-leasing pilot projects with the hope of mitigating the loss of irrigated lands.
  • Colorado River States Water Savings Program: The states of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico have embarked on a unique test program to shore up declining reservoir levels if the 15-year drought that has plagued the Colorado River continues into the future. The four states approved 10 projects in 2015 that allow farmers, municipalities and other water users to voluntarily and temporarily forego use of their water in exchange for compensation.

  • Animas-La Plata Project (A-LP): The A-LP is a water project that was planned and constructed to fulfill the water rights settlement of the two Indian tribes that are federally recognized within Colorado – the Ute Mountain Ute and the Southern Ute tribes.

    Completed in 2010, the A-LP is a water project that consists of a pumping plant on the Animas River located just south of the town of Durango, a conveyance pipeline and a 120,000 acre foot (AF) reservoir. The CWCB is an A-LP beneficiary and has the opportunity to purchase 10,460 AF, which is designated for M&I use only. The cost to purchase the water is estimated at $34.5M. The CWCB's 2010 Construction Fund Bill sets aside $12M for three years to go toward the purchase of all or a portion of the state’s available water. The CWCB also has contracted with an engineering firm to explore the water supply, demand and marketability of the water, compact issues, exchange potential, O&M costs, funding options and other applicable issues. Phase I of that effort has been completed, and the firm is currently in the preliminary stages of completing Phase II.

Ridges Basin Dam, Animas-La Plata Project