Andrew Rickert
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Weather Modification Permit Program

A permit is required to modify the weather in Colorado. Cloud seeding contractors must work with local interests to develop an operational plan and funding for a cloud seeding project. The contractor then can apply for a permit to cloud seed from the State of Colorado on behalf of the project sponsors. The person managing the project must be qualified. Public hearings are conducted, a record of decision is developed, and if issues can be resolved and/or addressed, the CWCB director signs the permit.

Permit Timeframe and Fee
Permits are for five consecutive years and are renewable. The permit review fee is $100 plus a 2% commercial fee. The commercial fee is 2% of the base contract between the contractor and project sponsors.

How to Apply for a Permit
Applicants should request the application forms from the CWCB (Andrew Rickert, 303-866-3441 x3249). Applications should be submitted at least 45 days before the intended beginning of the project.

In addition, the following requirements must be met by the applicant before a permit will be issued:
  1. Public notice of intent in the target area and adjacent counties
  2. Public hearing with the CWCB and Attorney General’s Office
  3. Qualifications adequate to conduct operations
  4. Proof of financial responsibility and general liability insurance
  5. Operational plan detailing the operations and naming the sponsors
  6. Safeguards in place by the contractor and state
More detailed information about these requirements is available in the Permit Process document.