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Criteria and Guidelines for Fallowing-Leasing Pilot Projects

CWCB Criteria and Guidelines for Fallowing-Leasing Pilot Projects

Final Criteria and Guidelines for Fallowing-Leasing Criteria (January 2016)

Board Approved Fallowing-Leasing Criteria (November 2013)

Colorado Springs Utilities Pilot Project

On November 16, 2018, the Lower Arkansas Valley Super Ditch Company, Inc. and the City of Colorado Springs, acting through its enterprise, Colorado Springs Utilities, submitted a proposal to CWCB. The proposed Colorado Springs Utilities Pilot Project ("CS-U Pilot Project") will use water available from certain shares in the Catlin Canal Company, Fort Lyon Canal Company, and/or Rocky Ford High Line Canal Company from temporary municipal uses by Colorado Springs Utilities. 

The CS-U Pilot Project Proposal requests that the CWCB select the CS-U Pilot Project pursuant to C.R.S. 37-60-115(8) and the CWCB's Criteria and Guidelines for the Fallowing-Leasing Pilot Program in Colorado. 
All parties may submit comments on the CS-U Pilot Project Proposal to the CWCB within 30 days of receiving the proposal (December 16, 2018). The CWCB will not consider comments received after the 30th day.

Send written comments to: 
Colorado Water Conservation Board, 1313 Sherman Street, Room 721, Denver, CO 80203.

Comments may also be sent via email to Lauren Ris (cc Alexander Funk at or by fax to (303) 866-4474.
 Colorado Springs Utilities Pilot Project Application  Notification Letter to CWCB
 Exhibit A - Super Ditch and CS-U Contract
 Exhibit B - Catlin Board Resolution (11/13/18)
 Exhibit C - Maps of interested farmers - Catlin Canal
 Exhibit D - Fort Lyon Letter of Intent
 Exhibit E - Ft. Lyon System Irrigated Lands
 Exhibit F - High Line Letter of Intent
 Exhibit G - Map of Lease Fallow Project
 Exhibit H - Super Ditch Board Resolution 11-13-2018
 Exhibit I - Letters of Interest from Catlin Canal Farmers
 Exhibit J - Catlin Carriage Agreement Extension
 Exhibit K - Schweizers Extension of Recharge Site Lease signed 2-13-2017
 Exhibit L - Recharge Site Lease Hanagan (Maddux)
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