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Criteria and Guidelines for Fallowing-Leasing Pilot Projects

CWCB Criteria and Guidelines for Fallowing-Leasing Pilot Projects

 Final Criteria and Guidelines for Fallowing-Leasing Criteria (January 2016)

 Board Approved Fallowing-Leasing Criteria (November 2013)

Catlin Pilot Project

The CWCB approved the Catlin Pilot Project during the January 26-27 CWCB meeting in the Denver Tech Center. The CWCB adopted one new term beyond what was included in the State Engineer's report for the project. The new term is "The terms and conditions set forth in the pilot project are based on the parties' current understanding of the Catlin Project and the information presented as part of the application process. All of the terms and conditions are the subject of negotiations and compromises, and shall not be relied upon as establishing any precedent in any other proceeding." The board memo and related documents are available below.


Catlin Pilot Project Conference Committee Meeting
The conference committee meeting was held on December 18, 2014. The agenda is below.

     Catlin Pilot Project Application  Shareholder Leases - Transmittal Letter to CWCB
       Transmittal Letter to CWCB  Diamond A Farms East Lease
       Notification List  Diamond A Farms West Lease
       Application Appendix A  G Hanagan Lease
       Application Appendix B  Hirakata K2 Farms Lease
       Application Appendix C  L Hancock Lease
       Application Appendix D  K Schweizer Lease
       Application Appendix E  Fowler Lease
       Application Appendix F
       Application Appendix G
       Application Appendix H
       Application Appendix I
       Application Appendix J
     Notification Letter
     Pilot Project Proposal
     Exhibit A - Project Site Map
     Exhibit B - Diamond A - Super Ditch 1 Farm Map
     Exhibit C - Hirakata Farm Map
     Exhibit D - Schweizer Farm Map
     Exhibit E - Hanagan Farm Map
     Exhibit F - Behm Farm Map
     Exhibit G - Hancock Farm Map
     Exhibit H - Diamond A - Super Ditch 10 Farm Map
     Exhibit I - Lower Ark Signed Resolution
     Exhibit J - Lower Ark Board Resolution
     Exhibit K - Catlin Canal Company Resolution
     Exhibit L - Municipal Participants Letters of Interest
     Exhibit L2 - Town of Fowler Transmittal Letter
     Exhibit L2 - Town of Fowler Letter of Interest
     Exhibit M - Water Lease Between Super Ditch & City of Fountain
     Exhibit N - Water Lease Between Super Ditch & Security
     Exhibit O - Signed Farmer Letters
     Exhibit P - Catlin Carriage Agreement
     Exhibit Q - Schweizer Recharge Site Agreement
     Exhibit R - Maddux Recharge Site Agreement

    Comments Meeting Info
     Fort Lyon Canal, et al
     Colorado Beef

    Fowler Pilot Project Information:

     Fowler Withdrawl Letter

    A staff update on this project will be provided to the board as part of agenda item 25 during the March meeting. For transparency purposes, the agenda item is being moved to the late afternoon of the 18th, rather than the morning of the 19th.  Live audio of the meeting is available through CWCB's website.

    Documents Data
     Notification Letter Fosdick Farm GIS
     Pilot Project Application Rossi Farm GIS
     Exhibit A - Project Site Map
     Exhibit B - Fosdick Farm Map
     Exhibit C - Rossi Farm Map
     Exhibit D - Project Report
     Exhibit E - Resolution 13-08
     Exhibit F - Resolution 13-07
     Exhibit G - Winner Affidavit
     Supplemental Notification Letter
     Alternative Augmentation Station Report

    2013 Meeting Information and Review Comments Submitted to CWCB During the Development of the Criteria and Guidelines:

    Comments Meeting Info
     Aurora Comments  September 9, 2013 Workshop Summary
     Lower Ark Comments  September 9, 2013 Workshop Sign in Sheet
     Sterling Comments  August 19, 2013 Workshop Sign In Sheet
     Email Comments  
     LAWMA Comments  
     Walter Comments  
     Tri-State Comments