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­Chatfield Reservoir Reallocation Project

 As the State (non‐federal) sponsor of the Chatfield Reservoir Storage Reallocation Study, the CWCB contracted with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) to complete a Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement (FR/EIS) to investigate the feasibility of “reallocating” some of the storage space in Chatfield Reservoir. The FR/EIS, now final and released to the public by the Corps, analyzed alternatives, potential impacts, required mitigation, and costs for additional water supply in the reservoir. The report indicates that 20,600 acre-feet can be safely stored for municipal & industrial (M&I) and agricultural uses. That volume represents up to twelve additional vertical feet of water stored in the existing facility.

In the end, the FR/EIS evaluated four alternatives in detail: two options for reallocation and two alternatives for water users if no action is taken at Chatfield.

The CWCB and project proponents are anticipating a record of decision by the federal government in the very near future. If approved and implemented, the reallocation of storage space will assist in addressing water supply needs within the South Platte River Basin.