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Cherry Creek Dam Safety

The CWCB and other interested parties are monitoring and assisting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) as they complete a Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) study and develop dam safety improvement recommendations at Cherry Creek Reservoir. The CWCB also provided technical and funding support for a site-specific Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) study for Cherry Creek Reservoir, which is currently being reviewed at the federal level.

Cherry Creek Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) Study
The PMF study will be completed by Omaha District Corps professional staff. The ultimate goal of the PMF study is to develop dam safety improvement recommendations at Cherry Creek Reservoir.

The current work is being guided by the draft Project Management Plan in response to Congressional direction and authorization. The technical team meets as needed, and public meetings eventually will be held to inform interested parties of interim study results when key milestones have been reached. The current goal is to obtain Corps Headquarters approval for the final PMP values by late 2010 or early 2011 with initiation of a Dam Safety Study after that time.

Please visit the Corps' Cherry Creek Dam page for additional data regarding Cherry Creek Dam and Lake.

Cherry Creek Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) Study
Following meetings with local governments and the public, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) and National Weather Service (NWS) in 1998 and 1999 produced study findings and recommendations that significant improvements were recommended at Cherry Creek Dam and Reservoir and/or within the watershed. Similarly, the Corps’ Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) analysis indicated that, in the event of a dam failure, public safety is a major concern and downstream flood damages would be inevitable.

In response to the preliminary Corps results, the General Assembly required the CWCB to conduct an independent evaluation of the federal studies and findings. The CWCB, together with Greenwood Village, Aurora, Arapahoe County and Douglas County, hired a local consultant to head a team of regional experts. The CWCB also developed an independent technical advisory committee (TAC) of recognized experts. The TAC participated throughout the project, and their guidance led to the completion of the analysis and the development of a new site-specific PMP study for Cherry Creek Reservoir.

Draft reports from the PMP effort, which concluded in 2004, can be found through the CWCB Document Search.