Drought Response

Since the start of Water Year 2019, persistent moisture and near normal temperatures have resulted in significant drought improvements across Colorado, alleviating drought concerns in even the most heavily impacted areas of the state.

As a result, and based on a recommendation from the Drought Task Force, comprised of the Executive Directors, or their designees, for the Departments of Agriculture, Natural Resources, Local Affairs, and Public Safety, Governor Polis deactivated the Colorado Drought Mitigation and Response Plan and the Agricultural Impact Task Force as of May 29, 2019.

The task forces have fulfilled their duties and are no longer needed to help facilitate and support responses to drought conditions. However studies already underway to examine the economic impact of the drought will continue.

As a result of the deactivation, the following actions will be implemented in accordance with the Drought Plan:
  • The Agricultural Impact Task Force will cease meeting and cease active drought response activities.
  • The Drought Task Force will cease meeting and cease active drought response activities.
The Water Availability Task Force, however, will continue to monitor conditions throughout the year as usual.

This website serves to provide information regarding State level response to these drought conditions. While activation is currently limited to the agricultural sector, the state also maintains to support information on municipal watering restrictions.  That site includes a search feature where individuals can look up how their specific providers are responding to the drought.  The site also includes a drought meter with links to relevant monitoring information.

Documents and information pertaining to the State’s drought response during this activation are posted below.  For additional information on statewide drought planning efforts please look at the State’s Drought Mitigation and Response Plan.

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