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Drought Response

The past few years brought warm temperatures and below average precipitation for much of the state, resulting in a multitude of drought related impacts and below average reservoir storage.  While drought is a natural phenomenon that frequently affects Colorado, proactive response can help to lessen the impacts for communities, business and individuals throughout the state. 

In 2011, the State’s Drought Mitigation and Response Plan and the Agricultural Impact Task Force were activated by Governor Hickenlooper, for the Arkansas and Rio Grande River Basins. The CWCB worked closely with partners to coordinate state efforts to provide drought response assistance. In 2012 activation of the Plan was expanded statewide and the Agricultural Impact Task Force was increased to phase three.  These actions were supported and recommended by the Water Availability Task Force and directors from the Departments of Natural Resources, Agriculture and Local Affairs who comprise the Drought Task Force.

To support 2013 drought response on the municipal level, the state built a website that includes a search feature where individuals can look up how their specific providers are responding to the drought.  The site also includes a drought meter with links to relevant monitoring information. 

After periods of extremely wet weather in September of 2013 and May 2015, conditions across the state improved. Consequently, activation of the Plan was scaled back in early 2014.  The Drought Task Force and activated Impact Task Forces continued to closely monitor conditions and in August 2015 they recommended that Governor Hickenlooper deactivate the State's Drought Mitigation & Response Plan and Impact Task Forces. The Governor officially deactivated the Plan in September 2015. 

Documents and information pertaining to the State’s drought response during this activation are posted below.  For additional information on statewide drought planning efforts please look at the State’s Drought Mitigation and Response Plan.


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