2013 Drought Mitigation and Response Plan

The State of Colorado’s Drought Mitigation and Response Plan has undergone a stakeholder driven revision and public comment period and was approved by the CWCB Board of Directors on September 25, 2013. It will now go on to the Colorado Office of Emergency Management for incorporation into the State of Colorado Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan. The Drought Plan was revised as a part of the State’s Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan update in compliance with FEMA’s 3-year planning cycle. The revision process has resulted in a State Drought Plan that uses state of the art planning techniques to prepare Colorado for drought. The plan also cludes an updated vulnerability assessment and a revised response framework.

All public comments were addressed and incorporated into the plan where appropriate prior to board approval. Public comments and how they were addressed can be found below:

The final CWCB approved plan is now available.

Questions regarding the Plan and its contents can be directed by email to Taryn Finnessey or by phone at 303.866.3441 ext. 3231.

            Draft Dought Plan

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