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Yampa/White Basin Roundtable

The Yampa/White Basin covers roughly 10,500 square miles in northwest Colorado and south-central Wyoming. The largest cities or towns in the basin are Steamboat Springs (pop. 10,402) and Craig (pop. 9,185).

The Yampa/White Basin is projected to increase in municipal and industrial (M&I) water demand between 23,000 acre feet (AF) and 39,000 AF by 2050 with passive conservation included.

To learn more about the Yampa/White Basin, see the Basin Fact Sheet and visit the Yampa/White/Green Webpage.

Recent Roundtable Meetings
Meeting Date
Meeting Materials
November 2019
September 2019
July 2019

Yampa/White Basin Roundtable (BRT) Priorities
  • Address potential energy development needs
  • Ensure endangered species’ needs do not negatively impact future in-basin uses
  • Address compact delivery impacts to existing and future in-basin water rights
  • Address potential agricultural firming needs
  • Ensure adequate water for future needs
    • M&I
    • Agricultural
    • Environmental
    • Recreational
Yampa/White BRT Activities and Accomplishments For other M&I demands beyond oil shale requirements, the roundtable is participating in the statewide process. The roundtable gathered a subcommittee of city and county representatives to ensure the accuracy of population projections, per capita water demands, and identified projects and processes. In addition, the roundtable has funded an agricultural needs assessment and an Energy Water Needs Study (with the Colorado Basin Roundtable) through a Water Supply Reserve Account (WSRA) grant. Roundtable members believe that the Yampa/White is likely the only basin that could see an increase in irrigated agricultural acres over the next 40 years. The Yampa/White completed the Phase I mapping of the nonconsumptive needs assessment (NCNA). The roundtable’s approach was to select reaches where environmental and recreational attributes were focused. The roundtable also received a WSRA grant to conduct the Watershed Flow Evaluation Tool within its nonconsumptive focus areas.

Yampa/White Basin’s Major Projects and Programs ­
  • Stagecoach Reservoir Enlargement ­
  • Morrison Creek Reservoir ­
  • Elkhead Reservoir Enlargement ­
  • Alluvial Wells ­
  • Yampa/White Education and Outreach Initiative: Water Forums, Workshops and Tours
Roundtable Information
Meetings Bi-monthly starting in January
  • Chair: Jackie Brown
  • Vice-Chairs: Mike Camblin and Alden Vanden Brink
  • IBCC Representatives: Jackie Brown and Tom Gray
  • Recorder: April McIntyre
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Needs Assessment
  • Nonconsumptive Needs Assessment
Roundtable Governance
  • There are currently 26 voting members of the Yampa/White BRT 

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Colorado Water Conservation Board
1313 Sherman Street, Room 718
Denver, CO 80203
Chairperson: Jackie Brown

WSRF Contact: Steve Hinkemeyer

Phone #: 970-824-4401

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