Water Supply Planning
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North Platte Water Supply Reserve Account Grants

The Water Supply Reserve Account (WSRA) provides grants and loans to assist Colorado water users in addressing their critical water supply issues and interests. Requests for funds from the Account must be approved by at least one of Colorado’s nine basin roundtables. The request is then forwarded to the CWCB to evaluate and make final funding decisions.

There are two types of WSRA grants available: Basin and Statewide.

Recent North Platte Basin WSRA Activity
Water Activity Amount Account Applicant CWCB Board Approval Project Status
Under construction .

North Platte Basin Application Process
If you are interested in applying for a North Platte Basin WSRA grant, you should first review the Water Supply Reserve Account Grant Criteria and Guidelines. Next, work through Kent Crowder, 970-723-4660, to submit an application to the BRT. If the North Platte BRT approves the application, it is forwarded to the CWCB for consideration.


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 WSRA Grants Document Search

What type of grant projects have been awarded? Search grant applications and other supporting materials. Wildcards (*) may be used in the Applicant field as necessary. Select North Platte from the basin roundtable dropdown to limit the results to the North Platte BRT.