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North Platte Basin Roundtable

The North Platte Basin is located in north central Colorado in Jackson County and a small portion of Larimer County. The basin covers an area of roughly 2,050 square miles and has a population of 1,491. The largest town in the basin is Walden with a population of 727 people.

The North Platte is Colorado’s only basin with concern over lack of growth and economic development. The North Platte Basin is projected to increase in municipal and industrial (M&I) water demand between 200 acre feet (AF) and 300 AF by 2050 with passive conservation included.

To learn more about the North Platte Basin, see the Basin Fact Sheet.

Recent Roundtable Meetings
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June 2019
October 2018
September 2018

North Platte Basin Roundtable (BRT) Priorities
  • Continue to ensure an adequate water supply for irrigated agriculture
  • Explore forest management, e.g., large scale beetle kill impacts on water supply
  • Ensure successful implementation of endangered species program to protect existing and future in-basin uses
North Platte BRT Activities and Accomplishments
Basin Water Supply Reserve Account funds have been used to execute the Walden Water Supply Improvement Project, which successfully addressed the consumptive needs identified in the North Platte Basin. The North Platte Basin continues to monitor irrigated acreage per the North Platte Decree and is participating in the development of the South Platte DSS. The North Platte Basin has completed and approved Phase I of its nonconsumptive needs assessment through the creation of a map with subcategory counts by stream segment. The roundtable is currently discussing potential prioritization of nonconsumptive needs identified in Phase I. The roundtable also is considering potential consumptive needs and issues to be documented in the forthcoming SWSI updates.

North Platte Basin’s Major Projects and Programs ­
  • Town of Walden Water Supply
Roundtable Information
Meetings Monthly on 4th Tuesday in Walden
  • ChairTy Wattenberg 
  • Vice-Chair: Rick Wyatt
  • IBCC Representative: Mike Allnutt 
  • Recorder: Barbara Vasquez
  • Nonconsumptive Needs Assessment
Roundtable Governance
  • There are currently 13 voting members of the North Platte BRT  

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 Contact the North Platte BRT

404 4th Street
Walden, CO 80480
Chairperson and WSRF Contact: Ty Wattenberg

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