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Gunnison Basin Roundtable

The Gunnison Basin stretches over 8,000 square miles of western Colorado, extending from the Continental Divide to the confluence of the Gunnison and Colorado Rivers near Grand Junction. The largest cities in the basin are Montrose (pop. 14,153), Delta (pop. 7,827) and Gunnison (pop. 5,271).

By 2050, the Gunnison Basin is projected to increase in municipal and industrial (M&I) water demand between 16,000 and 23,000 acre feet (AF) with passive conservation included.

To learn more about the Gunnison Basin, see the Basin Fact Sheet.

**The Gunnison Roundtable meets the third Monday bi-monthly starting in January.

Recent Roundtable Meetings
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November 2019
September 2019
July 2019

Gunnison Basin Roundtable (BRT) Priorities
  • Preserve open space
  • Maintain agricultural viability
  • Provide for in-basin augmentation
  • Address compact delivery impacts to existing and future in-basin water rights
  • Ensure endangered species’ needs do not negatively impact future in-basin uses
  • Ensure adequate water for future needs
    • M&I
    • Agricultural
    • Environmental
    • Recreational
Gunnison BRT Activities and Accomplishments
The Gunnison Basin has completed its basin-wide water needs assessments for consumptive and phase I of its nonconsumptive assessment. The basin completed and adopted a separate study in August 2009 to further examine its consumptive needs. The study examined four specific areas:
  1. Demands and supplies for smaller municipalities
  2. Rural domestic demands and supply
  3. Identified water supply vulnerabilities
  4. Snowmaking demands
The basin also has completed its nonconsumptive needs assessment (NCNA) mapping (Phase I) and is currently undertaking a statewide effort with Phase II of the NCNA.

Gunnison Basin’s Major Projects and Programs ­
  • Lake San Cristobal ­
  • Paonia Reservoir Sedimentation Removal
Roundtable Information
Meetings Bi-Monthly on 3rd Monday of odd Months in Montrose
  • Chair: Kathleen Curry
  • Vice-Chair: Austin Keiser
  • IBCC Representatives: Bill Trampe and Joanne Fagan
  • Recorder: Mike Berry
  • Black Canyon
  • Needs Assessment
  • Project Screening
Roundtable Governance
  • There are currently 32 voting members of the Gunnison BRT 

 Next Basin Roundtable Meeting

            Black Canyon, Peter Kasper

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 Contact the Gunnison BRT

Colorado Water Conservation Board
1313 Sherman St., Rm718 Denver, CO. 80203
Chairperson: Kathleen Curry

WSRF Contact: Tom Alvey

Phone #: 970-712-4030

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Gunnison BRT Reports &
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