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Colorado's Water Supply Future Portfolio and Trade-Off Tool

To facilitate the discussion of future water supply scenarios, portfolios and strategies, the CWCB created Colorado’s Water Supply Future Portfolio and Trade-Off Tool. Using this planning tool, Colorado’s water community can examine different combinations of strategies or “portfolios” for meeting the state’s future municipal and industrial (M&I) water needs.

No one strategy can solve the future water needs of the state, so the portfolios include different mixes of strategies, such as conservation, reuse, agricultural transfers and new water supply development. These mixes are applied to a range of potential future scenarios representing low, medium and high water demand and new water supply availability. The tool allows stakeholders to view immediately the resulting trade-offs associated with individual portfolios and scenarios, such as reduction in irrigated acres, changes in stream flows and costs. Through the Portfolio Tool, the CWCB, IBCC, basin roundtables and other stakeholders can make more informed decisions about how Colorado will meet its future water needs.

Download the Portfolio and Trade-off Tool

More information about the Portfolio Tool is available in the Portfolio and Trade-off Tool SWSI 2010 Documentation of Tool Components.