Financial Assistance

The Colorado Drought Mitigation and Response Plan includes identification of current and potential sources of federal, state, local or private funding to implement drought mitigation activities. Colorado uses a variety of sources to fund state and local drought mitigation activities. Funding sources traditionally used have been energy impact funds, gaming funds, general funds, and severance tax. Many agencies have grant programs, including, but not limited to, the Water Conservation Board, State Forest Service, Division of Water Resources, Colorado Division of Emergency Management, and the Soil Conservation Service.

Section 4.5 of the Colorado Drought Mitigation and Response Plan includes a table that lists drought mitigation funding sources. This includes funds that can be used for the development of drought mitigation and response plans as well as funding for relief during times of drought.

 State Funding

Grant/Loan Funds AvailableFilterUses/RequirementsFilterFunding AgencyFilter
Expand/Collapse Program : Agricultural Emergency Drought Response Fund ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : Colorado Rural Water Association (CRWA) ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority Revenue Bonds Program ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : CWCB Construction Fund & Severance Tax Trust Fund ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : CWCB Drought Management Planning Grant Program ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : CWCB Water Project Loan Program ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : Drinking Water Revolving Fund (DWRF) ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : Energy & Mineral Impact Assistance Fund ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : Non-Point Source Pollution (NPS) Grants ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund (WPCRF) ‎(1)

 Federal Funding

SelectGrant/Loan Funds AvailableFilterUses/RequirementsFilterFunding AgencyFilter
Expand/Collapse Program : Drought Contingency Planning ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : Drought Resiliency Projects ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : Emergency Response Actions ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : General Matching Grants Program ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : Hydrologic Research Grants ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : National Research Initiative Standard Research (Part T): Watershed Processes and Water Resources ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : NRCS Emergency Watershed Protection Program ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : Rural Development (U.S. Department of Agriculture) ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : U.S. Economic Development Administration Grant (EDA) ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : USDA Rural Development 502 Direct Housing Loan Program ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : Water Conservation Field Services Program ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : Watershed Processes and Water Resources ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Program : WaterSMART Water and Energy Efficiency Grant Program ‎(1)