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Drought Status Reports

Several agencies report on drought conditions across the state on a monthly or weekly basis. Many of these reports (listed below) aggregate results from several drought indices and provide an overview of current drought conditions.

Report  Summary 
Colorado Water Availability Task Force (WATF) Summary Report The WATF monitors drought conditions across the state and typically meets once a month. Summary reports of these meetings provide a synopsis of current drought conditions and are publicly available.
Colorado Supply Conditions Update The Colorado Division of Water Resources publishes monthly reports on the Surface Water Supply Index (SWSI) for each basin within the state.
Snowpack/Drought Monitor Update The Snowpack/Drought Monitor Update is a weekly report generated by NRCS summarizing drought conditions in the western U.S.
U.S. Drought Portal The Drought Portal is an online resource that tracks drought across the US. The portal has tools to show where drought is currently occurring, how long it is projected to continue and what impacts are being observed.
Drought Impact Reporter The Drought Impact Reporter developed by the National Drought Mitigation Center, collects, quantifies, and maps reported drought impacts for the United States and provides access to drought-related reports through interactive search tools.
Short and Long-Term Drought Indicator Blends Short and Long-Term Drought Indicator Blends are two experimental products available from the Climate Prediction Center that serve as timescale-specific supplements to the U.S. Drought Monitor. Both assess conditions based on a blend of several drought indicators and are depicted relative to the local historic record. The short-term drought indicator blend maps the severity of drought-related impacts (agriculture, topsoil moisture, unregulated streamflows, and most aspects of wildlife danger) which respond to low precipitation over several days to a few months. The long-term drought indicator blend maps drought-related impacts (reservoir content, groundwater, and reservoir levels) which respond to low precipitation over several months to a few years.
NIDIS Weekly Climate, Water and Drought Assessment Summary of the Upper Colorado River Basin This assessment provides a weekly summary of water supply and drought conditions in the Upper Colorado River Basin.