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Decision Support Systems

CDSS BasinsColorado’s Decision Support Systems
Colorado’s Decision Support Systems (CDSS) are water management systems being developed by the CWCB and the Division of Water Resources (DWR) for each of Colorado’s major water basins. The goals of CDSS are to:
  • Develop accurate, user-friendly databases that are helpful in the administration and allocation of waters of the State of Colorado.
  • Provide data, tools and models to evaluate alternative water administration strategies, which can maximize utilization of available resources in all types of hydrologic conditions.
  • Be a functional system that can be used by decision makers and others and be maintained and upgraded by the state.
  • Promote information sharing among government agencies and water users.
Please visit the CDSS Website for further information. A CDSS overview and training materials also are available for download.

Questions? Contact Andy Moore, 303-866-3441 x3229

CDSS Map ViewerCDSS Map Viewer
The CDSS Map Viewer is an online, interactive map that allows users to view spatial data developed under the CDSS. Types of data available on the Map Viewer include:
  • Point features, such as diversion structures, wells, stream gages and climate stations
  • Irrigated parcels
  • Streams, lakes, instream flow reaches and aquifer boundaries
  • County and State Engineer’s Office division boundaries
To access the Map Viewer, please visit the CDSS Website.


Flood DSS ViewerFlood DSS
The Flood DSS was developed to meet the following needs:
  • Provide a clearinghouse of flood-hazard information for use by a variety of users, including developers, the insurance industry and government agencies.
  • Provide timely and well-organized flood outlook data products for the emergency managers (e.g., Flood Task Force).
  • Provide a clearinghouse of additional flood-related data, including weather modification, stream restoration, levy/dam stability, etc.
The Flood DSS recognizes the framework of the CDSS and, as much as possible, was implemented in a way that reuses CDSS components and data, extends CDSS with additional data and capabilities, and allows for continued reuse and integration with CDSS components. 

Please visit the Flood DSS Website for further information.

Questions? Contact Carolyn Fritz, 303-866-3441 x3212