Technical Resources

The CWCB has set the standard for providing the most accurate and reliable water information in the state. The following links connect Colorado’s water users, decision makers and the public to a variety of tools and resources.
  • CWCB Data Viewer: An online mapping tool showcasing CWCB's projects and agency specific data.
  • CWCB Snowpack Assessment Viewer: An online map tool providing daily snowpack information at the sub-basin level.
  • Colorado River Water Availability Study: A multi-phase study that aims to determine how much water from the Colorado River Basin System is available to meet Colorado’s future water needs under alternative hydrologies.
  • Decision Support Systems: Information about Colorado’s DSS, and the CDSS Map Viewer.
  • Instream Flow Water Rights Database: A searchable database of all instream flow and natural lake level water rights that the CWCB has appropriated since 1973.
  • ColoradoHazard Mapping and Risk Map Portal: A Website that provides information regarding FEMA’s Risk MAP program and Colorado's hazard mapping efforts. The Website contains map status information for communities who are in the program or may be interested in updating their flood maps. It also includes background information, meeting notices, resource data for community officials and preliminary and effective map data.
  • Drought Toolbox: Drought resources and information, including the status of current drought conditions/forecasts and step-by-step guidance for developing a local drought mitigation plan.
  • Municipal Water Efficiency Plan Guidance Document: Guidance for developing a sound water conservation plan, including a Model Plan template and corresponding worksheets.
  • Floodplain Stormwater & Criteria Manual: Outlines the minimum uniform standards for identification and designation of all floodplains within the state.
  • ­Colorado Drought and Water Supply Assessment (DWSA) (2004): An evaluation undertaken to improve the state’s understanding of drought and drought impacts on the Colorado water user community.
  • Best Management Practices (BMPs): Information and resources about water conservation BMPs.
  • R2CROSS: A standardized tool, employed by state and federal agencies, to model instream hydraulic parameters and to develop instream flow recommendations in Colorado.
  • Portfolio Tool: A planning tool for Colorado’s water community to examine different combinations of strategies or “portfolios” for meeting the state’s future municipal and industrial water needs.
  • Lease Fallow Tool: A tool to evaluate historic depletions (consumptive use) and return flows from irrigation and aid in the review of lease-fallowing projects.

Technical Resources