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Instream Flow Administrative Calls

The CWCB monitors streamflow to ensure decreed instream flow (ISF) water rights are protected. If streamflow drops lower than the amount decreed to an ISF water right, and that right is in priority, staff may place an administrative call for water. The following links provide information about specific calls for water.

Recent Calls
Stream Name  Case Number  Date of Formal Written Call 
Dolores River 7-75W1346 October 4, 2016
Colorado River 5-80CW0447 October 3, 2016
Slate River     4-80CW0092 September 16, 2016
Eagle River 5-77W3811 September 8, 2016
Crystal River 5-77W2720 August 31, 2016
Elk River 6-77W1279
August 17, 2016
Roaring Fork River 5-76W2948 March 25, 2016
St. Louis Creek 5-90CW317 November 16, 2015
Colorado River 5-80CW447 November 13, 2015
Slate River 4-80CW092 October 16, 2015
Elk River 6-77W1279
September 2, 2015
Colorado River 5-80CW447 December 12, 2014
Tenmile Creek 5-86CW209 December 12, 2014
Slate River 4-80CW092 September 4, 2013
Elk River 6-77W1279
August 21, 2013
Pine Creek 2-77W4674 May 13, 2013
Taylor River 4-87CW264 April 19, 2013
Gypsum Creek 5-80CW116
September 28, 2012
Eagle River 5-80CW134
September 25, 2012
East River 4-83CW228 September 21, 2012
Colorado River 5-80CW447 August 28, 2012
Slate River, Washington Gulch SWSP August 16, 2012
Elk River 6-77W1279
August 16, 2012
Eagle River 5-78W3811 July 27, 2012
Roaring Fork River 5-76W2948 July 24, 2012
Slate River 4-80CW092 July 6, 2012
Pine Creek 2-77W4673
June 12, 2012
Fraser River 5-90CW308B June 12, 2012
Dallas Creek 5-76W2948 September 2, 2011
Roaring Fork River 5-76W2948 September 20, 2010
Hunter Creek Various September 20, 2010
Roaring Fork River 5-76W2949 September 17, 2010
Gore Creek 5-77W3637 September 15, 2010
Elk River 6-77W1331 September 15, 2010
Slate River 4-80CW092 September 13, 2010
Crystal River 5-75W2720 September 9, 2010
Eagle River 5-78W3811 August 31, 2010
Fryingpan River 5-73W1955   August 27, 2010

For information about calls from previous years, use the Searches available on this page.

Visit the State Engineer’s Office for additional call information administered by their office.


 Additional Information

 ISF Acquisition Administrative Calls

Review administrative calls on acquired water from previous water years.  Wildcards (*) may be used in the Case Number and Stream Name fields as necessary.

 ISF Appropriation Administrative Calls

Review administrative calls on appropriated water from previous water years.  Wildcards (*) may be used in the Case Number and Stream Name fields as necessary.