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Governor's Flood Task Force

The CWCB chairs the Governor’s Flood Task Force (FTF) to monitor conditions that affect Colorado’s water supply, including snowpack, precipitation, reservoir storage, streamflow and weather forecasts. The task force also provides a forum for interpreting potential flood hazard information. Meetings are held regularly and occasionally are held in conjunction with the Governor’s Water Availability Task Force

In the event of significant potential or actual flooding in Colorado, members of the FTF provide technical assistance, resources, funding and agency coordination for flood response, flood recovery and hazard mitigation efforts. The FTF is responsible for monitoring and reporting climate indicators and severe weather conditions, as well as exchanging information about local, state and federal activities.

The FTF is comprised of Colorado’s water resource specialists, emergency management professionals, scientists and experts in climatology and weather forecasting. The FTF meets on a regular basis during the snowmelt flood season (March to June) but also may meet on an as-needed basis throughout the remainder of the year.

Flood Task Force Participants