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Water Conservation and Drought Mitigation Education

The CWCB provides many opportunities for Coloradans to learn more about water conservation and drought mitigation planning in our state. The agency serves as a repository for information about water conservation, drought planning and water efficiency measures. We also provide technical assistance to water providers and state agencies as they plan for, evaluate and implement water conservation and drought mitigation plans.

Explore the sections below for more information about our efforts.

Water Festivals and Events
Each year, the CWCB participates in local children’s Water Festivals where students learn about the importance of water and what they can do to preserve and protect our natural resources. During the festivals, students learn how to conserve water at home through fun, interactive activities. The CWCB takes part in the following communities’ Water Festivals:
A calendar of events is available (on the CWCB home page) to help you find more water-related activities in your area, including xeriscape demonstrations, how-to workshops, irrigation seminars and meetings of the Water Availability Task Force.

Xeriscape Gardens
Xeriscape is a combination of seven common-sense gardening principles that save water while creating a lush and colorful landscape. Many xeriscape demonstration gardens label each type of plant, as well as provide educational brochures and plant lists. To see xeriscape design ideas, check out some of these Front Range demonstration gardens.

Educational Resources
The CWCB has developed the following water conservation materials, which are available in small quantities for education efforts. Call the CWCB at 303-866-3441 x3238 for ordering information. Library of Water Conservation Information
The CWCB maintains a clearinghouse of printed water conservation publications, which is available to the public upon request. Topics include tips for indoor and outdoor water conservation, water-wise landscaping and general water education. Please contact the CWCB at 303-866-3441 x3238 for access to the library.

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Did You Know? 
Your local community may have a water festival where children can learn where our water comes from, how much we use each day and how we can conserve water in our everyday lives. Check out our calendar for water festivals near you. 

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