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Welcome to the CWCB's Document Search, the online clearinghouse for publicly available documents and materials.  Use the searches below to perform common, defined searches or follow the instructions for field and text based searches.

Commonly Searched Documents

 Basin Roundtables

Check out the latest documents from the Basin Roundtables, including meeting minutes, reports and presentations. **Scroll down after clicking "Submit" to see the results.**

 WSRA Grant & Loan Information

What type of grant projects have been awarded?  Search grant applications and other supporting materials.  Wildcards (*) may be used in the Applicant field as necessary. **Scroll down after clicking "Submit" to see the results.**

 Water Conservation

See which communities have filed water conservation plans with the CWCB.  Wildcards (*) may be used in the Applicant field as necessary. The Document Type field has already been set to help limit to water conservation plans. **Scroll down after clicking "Submit" to see the results.**

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Quick Links

Customizable Searches
- To search all of CWCB’s documents, using field and text searches, visit WebLink. The Customize Search dropdown contains the list of available searches below.
  • Field Search – this search is best when information about a document is known, such as title, author, etc.
    1. Make sure the Field search component is available.
    2. Select a template to limit your search.
    3. Fill in other fields to narrow your search even more (date range and document type are often helpful).
    4. Click Search.
  • Text Search – this search is used to search the text within documents.
    1. Make sure the Text search component is available.
    2. Fill in a word or phrase to search.
    3. You can narrow your search by using the And, Or or other options, which allow you put in a second word or phrase.
  • Field & Text – use the two searches together to be very specific about your searches.
    1. Make sure both search components are available.
    2. Follow instructions above.
Download & Print – Documents must be downloaded to print in their entirety.
  1. Select the document you wish to view.
  2. If the document does not automatically open in Adobe Acrobat/Reader:
    • Click the icon with the Print to PDF icon or
    • Click the Adobe icon (if available).