Rule Title  Rule Description CWCB Program Areas
 Colorado Rules and Regulations for Regulatory Floodplains 
(Adoption Date: 11/17/10; Effective Date: 1/14/11)
Provides uniform standards for regulatory floodplains in Colorado and activities in those floodplains; provides a procedure for CWCB designation and approval of floodplain information. 
 Colorado Instream Flow Program Rules  Sets forth procedures for Board implementation of the Instream Flow Program (effective March 2, 2009). 
 Instream Flow Program Statement of Basis and Purpose  Sets forth the basis, statutory authority and purpose of the Instream Flow Program Rules (effective March 2, 2009). 
 Recreational In-channel Diversion (RICD) Rules  Sets forth procedures to be followed by applicants for RICDs and by the Board in making findings of fact regarding RICDs to water court. 
 2CCR 401-1 - Weather Modification Rules and Regulations  Provides the Department of Natural Resources with the authority to carry out the weather modification permitting program in Colorado for both cloud seeding and hail suppression operations.