The CWCB makes decisions regarding the protection, management and development of Colorado’s water resources based on interstate compacts, state legislation, Colorado Revised Statutes, rules, policies, guidelines and governmental agreements. Select from the choices below for a list of related guidance documents. ­
  • Interstate Compacts: Includes Colorado’s interstate compacts and equitable apportionment decrees. ­
  • Legislation: Includes the annual Projects Bill, which outlines the funding for CWCB projects. ­
  • Statutes: Includes information about CWCB’s statutory requirements to protect Colorado’s water resources. ­
  • Rules: Includes CWCB’s procedures for implementing its programs. ­
  • Policies: Includes information about the administration and management of CWCB programs. ­
  • Guidelines: Includes Board-approved recommendations governing certain activities and programs within the CWCB. ­
  • Governmental Agreements: Includes Memorandums of Understanding with the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management.

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