Colorado's General Assembly enacts legislation that directly authorizes and appropriates money for Colorado Water Conservation Board programs.

  • CWCB Projects Bills - CWCB makes recommendations to the legislature for appropriations from the construction fund and severance tax perpetual base fund to support water projects and loans.
  • Species Conservation Trust Fund Bills - The native Species Conservation Trust Fund (SCTF) was created in 1998, pursuant to HB 98-1006 (C.R.S.  24-33-111).  Every year, the Department of Natural Resources coordinates with CWCB and Colorado Parks and Wildlife to identify programs and projects designed to meet the goals of the SCTF, and makes recommendations to the General Assembly regarding appropriations for those programs.
  • Special Water Legislation - The General Assembly often directs CWCB to conduct studies, establish guidelines, or institute policies through legislation.

Colorado State Senate Chambers Colorado State Senate Chambers
Image by Greg O'Beirne Wikimedia Creative Commons