• Instream Flow Program: Outlines how the CWCB appropriates, acquires, protects and monitors instream flow (ISF) and natural lake level water rights.
  • Climate Change: Explains how the CWCB is helping to address the Earth’s warming climate.
  • Watershed Protection & Restoration: Describes CWCB’s support of watershed planning as well as projects designed to restore and protect watersheds.
  • Nonconsumptive Needs: Describes how the CWCB is assessing Colorado’s nonconsumptive (environmental and recreational) water needs.
  • Endangered Species: Provides information about the CWCB’s water-related endangered species’ initiatives and programs.
  • Recreational In-Channel Diversions: Explains the CWCB process for reviewing applications for RICDs, which limit water rights to the minimum stream flow necessary for a reasonable recreational experience in and on the water.
  • Salinity Control: Provides details about the CWCB’s involvement in controlling salinity in the Colorado River Basin.
  • Wild and Scenic Rivers Fund: Provides information about obtaining funds for developing alternatives to wild and scenic river designation.

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