The CWCB Board

The Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) consists of 15 members. Eight voting members represent the state’s major water basins: South Platte, North Platte, Arkansas, Rio Grande, Gunnison/Uncompahgre, Colorado Mainstem, Yampa/White and the Southwest Basin. One voting member represents the City and County of Denver and the tenth Ex-Officio voting member is the Executive Director of the Department of Natural Resources.

There are five Ex-Officio non-voting members who inform and advise the voting Members on water issues as they relate to or impact their agencies. These five members consist of the Director of the CWCB, the State Engineer, the Attorney General, the Director of the Division of Parks & Wildlife and the Commissioner of Agriculture.

Board Members serve three-year terms, are appointed by the Governor after they apply or are nominated for the position, and must be confirmed by the Senate. Board appointees are generally experienced in water resource management; water project financing; engineering, planning, and development of water projects; water law; irrigated farming, and/or ranching. No more than five appointees can be members of the same political party, and all appointees must reside in the area they represent. Individuals interested in applying for a Board position should visit the Governor’s Boards & Commissions Office.

CWCB Board Members
Board Member  Basin/Representation Term  Type of Member 
 Jack Goble Arkansas River 2017-2020 Appointed
 Gail Schwartz Colorado River Mainstem 2016-2019  Appointed 
 Jessica Brody City & County of Denver 2016-2019 Appointed
 Steven Anderson Gunnison-Uncompahgre River 2018-2021  Appointed 
 Curran Trick North Platte River 2018-2021 Appointed 
 Heather Dutton, Vice Chair Rio Grande River 2017-2020  Appointed 
 Celene Hawkins San Miguel, Dolores, Animas & San Juan Rivers  2017-2020  Appointed 
 Jim Yahn, Chair South Platte River 2016-2019  Appointed 
 Jaclyn Brown Yampa/White Rivers 2016-2019 Appointed 
Dan Gibbs, Executive Director  Department of Natural Resources    Ex-Officio 
Kate Greenberg, Commissioner Department of Agriculture    Non-Voting
 Rebecca Mitchell, Director  Colorado Water Conservation Board    Non-Voting
Director  Division of Colorado Parks & Wildlife    Non-Voting
 Kevin Rein, State Engineer Division of Water Resources    Non-Voting
Phil Weiser Attorney General    Non-Voting

CWCB Strategic Framework
Reviewed annually by the Board, the CWCB Strategic Framework ensures the CWCB provides the citizens of Colorado, and its water users and others, with an understanding of how the organization achieves its mandate to Conserve, Develop, Protect, and Manage Colorado’s Water for Present and Future Generations in accordance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

The Board uses the Strategic Framework to: ­
  • Identify policy development needs ­
  • Set program direction ­
  • Define program and project priorities ­
  • Develop staff performance goals
The Board Member Work Plan within the Strategic Plan guides the Board’s actions and helps implement the authorities and objectives of the CWCB.