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Interbasin Compact Committee Members

The Interbasin Compact Committee (IBCC) is a 27-member committee established to facilitate conversations between basins and to address statewide issues. The IBCC is made up of:
  • Two members appointed by each of the nine roundtables;
  • Six members appointed by the Governor, who come from “geographically diverse parts of the state” and have expertise in environmental, recreational, local governmental, industrial and agricultural matters;
  • One member appointed by the chairperson of the Senate Ag. Committee;
  • One member appointed by the chairperson of the House Ag. Committee; and
  • The Director of Compact Negotiations appointed by the Governor, who chairs the IBCC.
The following individuals currently serve on the IBCC:
Roundtable/Appointing Authority Name 
Director of Compact Negotiations  Russell George  
Arkansas  Terry Scanga Jeris Danielson 
Colorado  Stan Cazier  Carlyle Currier 
Gunnison  Bill Trampe  Joann Fagan
Metro  Jim Lochhead Lisa Darling
North Platte  vacant vacant
Rio Grande  Cleave Simpson  Keith Holland
South Platte  Sean Cronin Jim Yahn 
Southwest  Ed Millard  Steve Harris 
Yampa/White Tom Gray  Jeff Meyers
Governor  Andy Mueller     
Paul Bruchez 
Mely Whiting 
Aaron Citron 
Robert Sakata
Pat Wells
Senate Ag. Committee  Kerry Donovan  
House Ag. Committee  Dylan Roberts  

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