About Us

  • About the CWCB: Colorado’s most comprehensive water information resource, the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) was created to provide policy direction on water issues.
  • CWCB Staff: Contact information for the CWCB staff members who work in eight major program areas:
  • CWCB Board: Consisting of 15 members, the CWCB Board is appointed by the Governor and ensures the CWCB fulfills its mission to conserve, develop, protect and manage Colorado’s water for present and future generations.
  • About the IBCC & Roundtables: The Interbasin Compact Committee (IBCC) is a statewide committee that addresses issues among Colorado’s major river basins while the Basin Roundtables (BRTs) facilitate discussions on water issues and encourage locally driven collaborative solutions.
  • CWCB Jobs:  Want to work for the CWCB?  Learn about the types of opportunities available and find links to the State's job resources.
  • Website Tour:  Take a quick tour of the redesigned CWCB website.

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