Watershed & Flood Protection Section

Email  Kevin Houck, P.E., Section Chief Kevin Houck
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Kevin Houck is the Chief of Watershed & Flood Protection for the CWCB, and is responsible for supervising and directing the work of professional staff, multiple consultant contracts, and seasonal/temporary staff. He is a Certified Floodplain Manager and a registered Professional Engineer and has been with the CWCB for 9 years following 8 years of private consulting work. He works frequently with the Board, the Attorney General's Office, the Legislature, and other stakeholder groups to develop and implement new statutes, regulations, and policies that are pertinent to the agency's mission. He also has project management responsibility for levees, multi-hazard mitigation planning, flood response and preparedness activities, and engineering design. He previously served as the Community Assistance Program Manager and Project Engineer prior to his appointment as Section Chief. Kevin is the Chair of the Colorado Flood Task Force. He is a past Chair of the Colorado Association of Stormwater & Floodplain Managers, and past Board Member for the Association of State Floodplain Managers.

Email  Thuy Patton, EI, CFM, Floodplain Mapping Coordinator 
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Thuy is in charge of the FEMA Floodplain Map Modernization Program for the CWCB. She is a member of the Colorado Association for Floodplain Managers and the Association of State Floodplain Managers as well. Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Managing significant federal investments to direct statewide modernization of floodplain maps, including the creation of digital floodplain maps and the eventual update and maintenance of such maps
  • Coordinating floodplain mapping and local project development, developing scopes of work, and acting as the liaison between FEMA and local governments, insuring shareholder needs are met project to project
  • Providing public outreach regarding the DFIRM project status and additional outreach for the Map Modernization Program

Email  Stephanie DiBetittoCommunity Assistance Program Coordinator 
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Stephanie position serves as the State Coordinator for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and manages the Community Assistance Program for the CWCB. Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Providing assistance for communities regarding the NFIP
  • Conducting public outreach, education and training through workshops, newsletters and public meetings
  • Coordinating with FEMA and other State programs to emphasize the importance & progress of the NFIP and related activities
  • Providing general technical assistance and engineering support for communities and for mitigation grant programs.

Email  Chris Sturm, M.S., CFM, Stream Restoration Coordinator 
Call 303-866-3441 x3236
Chris is responsible for implementing the goals and objectives of the watershed protection/multi-objective stream restoration work in the state. Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Managing the CWCB Watershed Restoration Program
  • Implementing the Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund and the Fish and Wildlife Resources Fund
  • Planning strategies to support water supply needs in Colorado
  • Conducting GIS analysis and cartographic design
  • Providing community outreach, education and general technical assistance

Email  Joe Busto, Weather Modification & South Platte River Program Coordinator 
Call 303-866-3441 x3209
Joe is responsible for helping the public with floodplain information requests, section engineering support, imaging, and publications. Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Administering weather modification permits, grants, and scientific studies
  • Coordinating the Colorado Flood Task Force
  • Serving as Chair of the Weather Modification Council
  • Representing the CWCB in the following studies and projects: Greeley GI Study, Dolores River Floodplain Study, Colorado River 7 Basin States Agreement, and SNODAS Snowpack Project
  • Managing the South Platte River operation & maintenance and CWCB easement program
Email Vacant, Colorado Hazard Mapping Program 
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This position is the program coordinator for the Colorado Hazard Mapping Program established by SB 15-245. This position assists in managing the Hazard Mapping Program as well as other FEMA Risk Map projects. Duties involve reanalysis of all stream reaches affected by the 2013 flood in northern Colorado, and providing digital floodplain maps for all Colorado counties that don't currently have one. The position also coordinates the leveraging of funding for acquisitions of remote sensing technologies for mapping products. Other duties include:
  • Point of Contact for LiDAR & IFSAR activities
  • Coordinate with federal, state and local multi-disciplinary agencies for project planning purposes
  • Assists in community outreach and education for the Hazard Mapping Program