Stream & Lake Protection Section

Email  Linda Bassi, Section Chief Linda Bassi
Call 303-866-3441 x3204 
Linda oversees the implementation of the Colorado Instream Flow and Natural Lake Level Program, which includes new instream flow water right appropriations, legal and physical protection of the Board’s instream flow water rights, and acquisitions of water for instream flow use by the Board. Linda also is responsible for the development of legislation, policies and rules related to the Program, and education and outreach activities related to the Program. 

Email  Kaylea White, Senior Water Resource Specialist 
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Kaylea manages the Legal Protection and Acquisition program areas, and coordinates with the Attorney General's Office to provide legal guidance for the state's Instream Flow Program. She also works with state and federal agencies, conservation interests and private, non-profit groups to identify streamflow protection opportunities. In addition, Kaylea reviews new water right applications to prevent injury to instream flow water rights. Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Reviewing water court resumes
  • Managing settlement negotiations/litigation of opposed cases
  • Providing rules, regulations and legislative analysis
  • Serving as the Attorney General's Office liaison
  • Providing program and legislative history

Email  Colin Watson, Water Resource Engineer 
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Colin is responsible for engineering analyses related to Legal Protection, New Appropriation and Acquisition of instream flow water rights. Colin manages the section's engineering studies through internal analysis and outside contracting. Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Overseeing water resource engineering studies and contracts
  • Providing engineering support and expert testimony

Email  Brandy Logan, Senior Hydrologist 
Call 303-866-3441 x3241 
Brandy is responsible for providing the CWCB with scientific information and expertise necessary to appropriate and protect instream flows and natural lake levels.  She is also involved with the Upper Colorado River Wild and Scenic Stakeholder Group and assists with the Water Plan Grant Program for Environment and Recreation.

Email  Robert Viehl, Senior Water Resource Specialist 
Call 303-866-3441 x3237
Rob is responsible for reviewing and processing recommendations for new Instream Flow Appropriations in accordance with ISF Statutes and Rules. Areas of responsibility include:
  • New Appropriations of Water Rights for ISF use
  • Monitoring and Enforcement of ISF Water rights
Email  Jack Landers, Hydrologist/Hydrographer 
Call 303-866-3441 x3253 
Jack is responsible for addressing the hydrographic needs of the Stream and Lake Protection Section with regard to physical protection and monitoring, and for meeting other stream gaging needs of the CWCB. He collaborates with both the Division of Water Resources and United States Geological Survey regarding agency stream gaging issues, and is the section's liaison with the Division Engineers and their staff on instream flow monitoring, protection and administration matters. He also provides technical support for water rights investigations and stream gaging issues in the Legal Protection and Acquisitions program areas. Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Deploys and maintains temporary stream gages for new appropriations
  • Conducts site investigations for new appropriations
  • Maintains records of streamflow data collected in support of new appropriations
  • Updates the low flow alert system used by staff to monitor DWR and USGS stream gages associated with instream flow water right segments

Email  Kara Scheel, Hydrologist
Call 303-866-3441 x3202 
Kara is responsible for addressing the hydrologic needs of the Stream and Lake Protection Section with regard to water availability analysis. She is also involved in physical and legal protection and monitoring of ISF water rights.

Email  Kimberly RicottaParalegal
Call 303-866-3441 x3226
Kim is responsible for water court case management in the Legal Protection, Acquisition, and New Appropriation program areas for the Stream and Lake Protection Section.  Her other duties include:

  • Coordinating with the Attorney General’s Office regarding on-going active litigation.Preparing letters, legal notices, memos and agreements.
  • Drafting materials for CWCB Board meetings.
  • Assisting with design and management the database for the Section.
  • Manages water court case files, and
  • Maintains the archival system for the Section.