Interstate & Federal Section

Email  Brent Newman, Section Chief
Call 303-866-3441 x3228
Brent oversees all programmatic areas of the Interstate, Federal, and Water Information section, and is responsible for directing and coordinating the work of section staff members with legal, water resource or administrative coordination expertise. He is responsible for activities relating to the Colorado River Compact, Upper Colorado River Compact and Arkansas River Compact. He also supports the state's participation in the Colorado River Salinity Control Program and is a technical work group member. Brent manages projects and funding associated with section programming and provides section direction, input, and guidance on the implementation of Colorado's Water Plan.

Email  Carlee Brown, Interstate & Federal Manager
Call 303-866-3441 x3220
Carlee is the engineering advisor to Colorado's Upper Colorado River Compact Commissioner, and represents Colorado on various committees associated with the implementation of certain program elements related to the recovery programs for endangered species in the Upper Colorado, San Juan and Platte River Basins. She is also Colorado's representative to the technical workgroup for the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program, and assists in the coordination of Colorado's participation in the Colorado River Salinity Control Program. 

Email  Brian Macpherson, Decision Support Systems Specialist
Call 303-866-3441 x3229 
Brian is the Project Coordinator for the Colorado's Decision Support Systems (CDSS) Project, and is responsible for implementing CDSS in all of the river basins within Colorado, including the design, specifications and project management. Brian is also the State's representative on the Hydrology Committee of the San Juan River Recovery Implementation Program, which is related to endangered species. 

Email  Jojo LaEndangered Species Policy Specialist 
Call 303-866-3441 x3233 
Jojo manages CWCB's participation in the Endangered Species Act recovery programs. She serves as CWCB's representative to the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program and the Upper Colorado Endangered Fish Recovery Program. She also serves as an alternate on the Upper Colorado Wild and Scenic Stakeholder Group and the San Juan River Basin Recovery Implementation Program.

Email  Vacant, Water Resources Engineer 
Call 303-866-3441 x 
This position is responsible for various engineering and hydrology services relating to the CDSS. Itis also involved with numerous issues in the Colorado River Basin. Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Reviewing South Platte groundwater issues
  • Managing the Arkansas River Basin DSS
  • Performing modeling updates for the 15-Mile Reach Programmatic Biological Opinion
  • Updating consumptive uses and losses accounting for the Colorado River basin
  • Modeling the Colorado River basin using RiverWare

Email  Alex Funk, Agricultural Water Resources Specialist 
Call 303-866-3441 x3201 
This position assists the State in matters relating to the operation of the Arkansas River Compact. It also supports the state's participation in the Colorado River Salinity Control Program and is a technical work group member.

Email  Michelle Garrison, Water Resource Specialist 
Call 303-866-3441 x3213
Michelle is responsible for work on compact and endangered fish issues in the Colorado River basin (Yampa, White, Gunnison and Mainstem). Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Managing Gunnison River hydrology, including the Aspinall Unit Re-operations EIS and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison federal reserved water right
  • Overseeing coordinated reservoir operations
  • Managing of Green Mountain HUP pool
  • Supporting USFWS and CDOW flow recommendations for endangered/native fish

Email  Carolyn Kemp, GIS and Website Coordinator 
Call 303-866-3441 x3212
Carolyn is responsible for coordinating all GIS efforts within the agency, as well as creating maps and providing spatial analysis. Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Providing CWCB and CDSS Website administration
  • Managing irrigated lands data 
  • Facilitating data management
  • Representing the CWCB on department level technical committees

Email  Erik SkeieProgram Associate
Call 303-866-3441 x3260 
Erik coordinates and implements specific program goals and objectives, participates in stakeholder meetings on behalf of the CWCB, manages grants for tamarisk control, works with governmental and non-governmental agencies to organize meetings and events, and performs administrative tasks. Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Maintaining and managing CWCB library material and inquiries
  • Section marketing and social media liaison
  • Coordinating the bi-monthly Director's report
  • Serves as the Back-Up Board Coordinator

IT Support

Email  Heinz Weichselbaumer, OIT Desktop Support 
Call 303-866-3441 x3239
Heinz is the primary technology resource for the CWCB, and is responsible for desktop support and network connectivity for the entire agency. Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Researching emerging technologies to keep the CWCB current with new tools and techniques
  • Managing hardware and software resources