Email  Anna Mauss, Chief Operating Officer
Call 303-866-3441 x3224 
As Chief Operating Officer, Anna is responsible for the management of the daily administrative operations of the CWCB. Anna’s responsibilities include long range budgeting and strategic planning for the agency’s growth, insuring the integration of the CWCB’s various funding programs, tracking and improving the division’s performance, and streamlining internal office functions.

Email  Tina Heltzel, Admin Manager & Budget Analyst 
Call 303-866-3441 x3218
Tina provides budgetary and fiscal direction, administration, management, analysis, presentation and control of the CWCB budget. She administers the decentralized procurement, contracting, personnel and accounting functions for the CWCB. Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Formulating agency budget proposals
  • Approving and monitoring expenditures
  • Completing decision items, budget amendments, and supplemental requests
  • Supervising Administrative staff members

Email  Steve Shull, Accountant 
Call 303-866-3441 x3235
Steve manages, processes, reviews and maintains the CWCB's daily financial activities, including accounting record invoices and payments. He also handles all the contracts for the CWCB. Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Preparing fiscal status reports
  • Investigating and resolving problems occurring within the programs
  • Reviewing accounting reports and statements to assure an accurate reflection of fiscal conditions for the CWCB

Email Sara Leonard, Marketing & Communications Director & PIO
Call 303-866-3441 x3242
Sara is responsible for the marketing and communications strategy for the agency. This includes:
  • Developing content for agency-related information (i.e. newsletter, press release, email, fact sheets, media kits, communication plan, other agency publications or web presence)
  • Communicating information on the implementation of Colorado's Water Plan
  • Messaging significant policy issues
  • Promoting funding opportunities available for the CWCB’s customers

Email Viola BralishBoard Coordinator
Call 303-866-3441 x3206
Viola coordinates all logistics and materials for the CWCB Board meetings and hearings. She also acts as the CWCB Public Information Officer, as well as provides administrative support to the CWCB Director. Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Making operational decisions regarding location, scheduling, and travel for Board members
  • Preparing agendas, minutes and other materials for Board members
  • Providing administrative support to office staff
  • Responding to open record requests (CORA) in compliance with state law, regulations and policies

Email Vivian Pinelli, Office Coordinator 
Call 303-866-3441 x3244 
Vivian provides administrative support to the Director, Deputy Director and office staff, and assists the Budget Analyst and Accountant with fiscal activities.Vivian also manages and coordinates general office operations related to office procedures, mail, and staff travel. Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Overseeing office administration and reception
  • Editing and preparing payment vouchers for the Director and staff

Email  Alana Holdren, Receptionist 
Call 303-866-3441 x3223 
Alana provides administrative support for the CWCB by performing front desk duties, including reception, mail processing, filing, and invoice payment.  Alana also assists with administrative tasks such as word processing, typing, and data entry. Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Answering all incoming calls and receiving all visitors
  • Performing data entry of agency financial payments
  • Assisting with staff travel arrangements, meeting reservations, and equipment and vehicle maintenance