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Lisa Barr
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Board Frequently Asked Questions

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How often and where are board meetings held?
They are held every two months in various locations throughout the state that are selected by the CWCB Board members.
Administration & Management
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How are Board members appointed?
The Governor appoints 8 of the Board members from each of the state's 8 major river basins, and 1 Board member from the City and County of Denver. These 9 appointed Board members are subject to Senate confirmation. The 10th voting Board member is the Executive Director of the Department of Natural Resources.
Administration & Management
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How long are the terms of office for Board Members?
Three years.
Administration & Management
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Is the Board bi-partisan? If so, how many from each party?
Yes, the Board is bi-partisan, however, no more than 5 appointees can be from the same political party.
Administration & Management