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Water Supply Reserve Fund Grants

**Please Note: All new WSRF grants must be submitted on the current application (follow link below) along with the current "Exhibit A and Budget Schedule" (links below).

WSRF Instructions
NEW - WSRF Criteria & Guidelines 2016
NEW - WSRF Application
NEW - Exhibit A & Exhibit B Budget Schedule (must submit both along with application, no exceptions)

    January 2020

    What is the Water Supply Reserve Fund Grant (WSRF) Program?
    The WSRF Program provides grants and loans to assist Colorado water users in addressing their critical water supply issues and interests. The funds help eligible entities complete water activities, which may include competitive grants for: ­
    • Technical assistance regarding permitting, feasibility studies and environmental compliance; ­
    • Studies or analysis of structural, nonstructural, consumptive and nonconsumptive water needs, projects or activities; and ­
    • Structural and nonstructural water projects or activities.
Requests for funds from the Account must be approved by at least one of Colorado’s nine basin roundtables. The request is then forwarded to the CWCB to evaluate and make final funding decisions.

What type of Water Supply Reserve Fund Grants are available?
Click on the Account below for more information about how to apply:
  1. Basin Account: Funds water activities from a basin roundtable. The CWCB evaluates applications for the Basin Account to ensure the Threshold Criteria are met.
  2. Statewide Account: Funds water activities from a basin roundtable on a competitive basis. The CWCB evaluates applications for the Statewide Account to ensure each application meets the Threshold Criteria in addition to being evaluated using the Evaluation Criteria.


WSRF Basin Roundtable Criteria and
Contact Information
Roundtable WSRF Contacts Email Phone Roundtable Criteria CWCB Staff Liaison
Arkansas Abby Ortega 719-668-8748 Ben Wade
Colorado Jim Pokrandt 970-945-8522 Craig Godbout
Gunnison Tom Alvey 970-712-4030 Craig Godbout
Rio Grande Nathan Coombs 719-588-3090 Craig Godbout
Metro Emily Hunt 720-977-6504


Craig Godbout
North Platte Ty Wattenburg Ty Wattenburg 970-723-4660 Craig Godbout
Southwest Mike Preston 970-739-4181 Craig Godbout
South Platte Jason Roudebush 970-231-8317 Craig Godbout
Yampa/White Steve Hinkemeyer 970-824-4401 Craig Godbout

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