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Statewide Water Supply Reserve Fund Grants

Who can apply for a Statewide WSRF Grant?
Eligible entities that may apply for grants or loans from the Program include: ­
  • Public (Government) – municipalities, enterprises, counties and State of Colorado agencies ­
  • Public (Districts) – special, water and sanitation, conservancy, conservations, irrigation and water activity enterprises ­
  • Private Incorporated – mutual ditch companies, homeowners associations and non-profit corporations ­
  • Private – individuals, partnerships and sole proprietors are eligible for Basin Funds but are not eligible for Statewide Funds ­
  • Non-governmental organizations – typically non-profit but also includes for-profit corporations
For requests from the Statewide Account, applicants must demonstrate a 25 percent (or greater) match of the total grant request from other sources, including but not limited to Basin Funds.

How can the money from the Statewide Account be used?
Eligible water activities include a broad range of activities such as: ­
  • Technical assistance regarding permitting, feasibility studies and environmental compliance; ­
  • Studies or analysis of structural, nonstructural, consumptive and non-consumptive water needs, projects or activities; and ­
  • Structural and nonstructural water projects or activities.
How do I apply for a Statewide Grant?
  1. Review the Water Supply Reserve Fund Grant Criteria and Guidelines.
  2. Obtain approval from the basin roundtable in which your activity will occur. Meeting dates and contact information are available from the basin roundtables page.
  3. Submit the Grant Application form (Word or text-enabled  PDF), statement of work, budget and schedule via email to Water Supply Planning. Electronic applications can also be mailed to:

    Colorado Water Conservation Board
    Water Supply Planning Section
    WSRF Application 
    1313 Sherman Street, Suite 718 
    Denver, CO 80203

    Please review the statement of work template (Exhibit A) and appendices with reference information (Word or text-enabled  PDF).

  4. Work with CWCB staff to address any issues or additional needs prior to CWCB Board review.
  5. Submit W-9 and Insurance Certificate form, if requested.
Application Deadline: Prior to applying to the CWCB, the applicant must have the approval of the basin roundtable in which the activity will occur. See the basin roundtables page for details about upcoming meeting dates and contact information. A complete, detailed application, including letter from the respective basin roundtable, must be received by the CWCB no later than the first of the month, the month prior to the bimonthly CWCB meeting at which the application will be considered for funding. For example, applications for the March CWCB meeting are due February 1st. 

What is the approval process after I have submitted an application?
After approval from the basin roundtable has been granted, CWCB staff review all eligible applications and provide a written recommendation to the CWCB Board at its September Board meeting. The CWCB Board evaluates the application and makes a funding decision. Allocation of funds is dependent on the availability of funds and an evaluation of the merits of the proposed water activity.  The merits of the proposed water activity are based on how well a proposal meets the criteria outlined in the Criteria and Guidelines. Within 30 days of the Board review, the CWCB will provide each applicant with a summary of why the application was approved for full funding, partial funding or no funding. Successful applicants are expected to execute a contract with the CWCB within 6 months from approval.

Example Statewide Projects
Project  Description  Supporting Documents 
Energy Development Water Needs Assessment – Phase 1  A joint application with the Colorado and Yampa/White Basins, the Phase 1 study estimated the water demands needed to support the extraction and production of energy in four sectors in northwest Colorado, including natural gas, coal, uranium and oil shale.  
Lower South Platte Wetland Initiative – Phase 1  Designed to develop three wetland recharge projects along the lower South Platte River in Morgan, Logan and Sedgwick Counties, the project diverts water into wetlands in the winter when it is legally available and allowed to infiltrate into the alluvial aquifer, and eventually back to the river channel.   

For a complete summary of the WSRF program and awarded grant status and summaries, please download the WSRF Annual Report.

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