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Water Efficiency Grants

**Please Note: All new Water Efficiency grants must be submitted on the current application (follow link below) along with the current "Scope of Work and Budget Schedule" (links below).

 Scope of Work 
 Budget & Schedule

What is the Water Efficiency Grant Program?
The Water Efficiency Grant Program provides financial assistance to communities, water providers and eligible agencies for water conservation-related activities and projects. Eligible entities as well as state and local governments and agencies can receive funding to develop water conservation and drought plans, implement water conservation goals outlined in a water conservation plan and educate the public about water conservation.

What type of Water Efficiency Grants are available?
Click on the Program below for more information about how to apply:

1. Water Efficiency Planning Grants: For water providers seeking to develop or update their water efficiency plans

2. Water Efficiency Implementation Grants: For water providers implementing water efficiency plan goals and programs identified in locally adopted and CWCB-approved water efficiency plans.

3. Drought Management Planning Grants: For water providers or state and local governmental entities developing drought management plans.

4. Water Resource Conservation Public Education and Outreach Grants: For agencies seeking to promote the benefits of water resource conservation through public education and outreach.

Example Projects

Project Description Supporting Documents
City of Westminster Water Conservation Plan The City of Westminster was awarded a grant in 2010 to develop a water conservation plan.
City of Ouray Water Conservation Plan In 2013, the City of Ouray used grant funds to develop a water conservation plan.
Security Water District – Water Loss Control Audit Security Water District is conducting a water loss control audit within their system to improve their water loss management and control procedures.
Center for Resource Conservation – Water Conservation Impact
Using grant funds, CRC measured the water savings and other impacts of their conservation programs which operate in 25 water service areas in Colorado.