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Fish and Wildlife Resources Fund Grants

What is the Fish and Wildlife Resources Fund Grant Program? 
The Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) has been authorized by the State of Colorado to grant money to existing water supply facilities to help preserve a balance between development of the state’s resources and the protection of the state’s fish and wildlife resources. The grant money is awarded for mitigation of existing water diversion, delivery or storage facilities.

Examples of Funded Projects

Who can apply for a Grant?
Eligible applicants include operators of existing water diversion, delivery or storage facility projects and the CWCB.

Entities that do not operate such facilities, such as certain municipalities, watershed groups and others, are encouraged to contact Chris Sturm, 303-866-3441 x3236, to explore the opportunities for joint application with the CWCB.

How can the money be used?
Grants from the Fish and Wildlife Resources Fund can be accepted for:
  1. The appropriation of water rights or the acquisition of water rights to preserve or improve the natural environment to a reasonable degree to mitigate the impact of an existing water facility. All acquisitions or appropriations must be in compliance with instream flow rules and state water laws.
  2. River restoration feasibility studies and construction projects designed to directly mitigate or significantly improve the environmental impacts of existing water facilities.
  3. An appropriate combination of river restoration and water rights acquisition or appropriation.
How do I apply for a Grant?
  1. Call Chris Sturm (303-866-3441 x3236) to discuss potential applications and submit a pre-application to the CWCB. A pre-application provides applicants the opportunity to obtain a non-binding opinion from the CWCB staff on whether a particular conceptual proposal may be an appropriate project for funding from the Fish and Wildlife Resources Fund.
  2. Review the Grant Packet.
  3. Complete an application and submit electronically (CD or email) to: Chris Sturm.
Application Deadline: Grant proposals are accepted throughout the year.

What is the approval process after I have submitted an application?
After the application has been submitted, CWCB staff review and evaluate the proposal. This process normally takes 120 days. At a subsequent CWCB Board meeting, the Board will make a final funding determination. Contracting normally takes four to six weeks. Applicants are encouraged to allow sufficient time for review and contracting. Exceptions to this schedule will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Example Projects
Project Description Supporting Documents
Blanco River Restoration Project, near Pagosa Springs, CO The project seeks to restore some of the aquatic life functions that were lost when a major portion of the river’s historic flow was diverted to New Mexico to meet Colorado River Water Compact obligations. The project objectives were achieved by reducing stream channel width to depth ratios and creating a channel geometry appropriate for the new flow regime.
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    Moose in Walden Cemetery, Park Press

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