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Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund Grants

What is the Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund Grant Program?
Established jointly by the Colorado Water Conservation Board and the Water Quality Control Commission, in cooperation with the Colorado Watershed Assembly, the Program helps support local watershed organizations in their efforts to provide clean water, protect habitat, and improve recreation and accessibility.

The Program was financed by the Colorado Individual Income Tax Refund Check-off Program, which gives taxpayers the opportunity to contribute a portion of their tax return or to make a donation to the Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund. It was not included as an option on the latest state income tax form, so we will not be accepting applications. However we intend to continue the program as we are able to fund it. For additional information, visit the Colorado Watershed Assembly’s Healthy Rivers Fund page.

Examples of Funded Projects

Who can apply for a Grant?
Eligible applicants include locally-based watershed protection groups who are committed to a collaborative approach to the restoration and protection of lands and natural resources within Colorado’s watersheds.

How can the money be used?
Two categories of grants are available under the Program:
  1. Project Grants: For projects that promote the improvement and/or protection of the condition of the watershed. Includes: water quality and/or water quantity monitoring; participation in the development and/or implementation of total maximum daily loads (TMDLs); implementation of watershed-related best management practices; flood protection; channel stability; and a wide variety of other riparian, streambank and habitat restoration efforts.
  2. Planning Grants: For the planning of successful watershed restoration or protection projects. Includes: data collection and assessment; analysis of project alternatives; project permitting; acquisition of funding for a project; and outreach efforts to ensure the education, involvement and support of the local community.
How do I apply for a Grant?
Interested parties can find grant guideline information, the grant submission format and learn more about the Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund Grant Program by visiting the Colorado Watershed Assembly website at

The deadline to submit applications is April 30, 2018.

What is the approval process after I have submitted an application?
Applications are due April 30 of each year. An Applications Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Designees of the fund by July 31. The Designees approve or deny the recommendations, and Grants are awarded by September 30. Annual progress reports are due by September 30 of the following year.

Example Projects
Project Description Supporting Documents
Park County Watershed Assessment of River Stability and Sediment Supply (WARSSS) Systematic assessment of stream channel stability, sediment sources and sediment yield for all the stream reaches in the South Platte Headwaters watershed. Stream segments are prioritized based on risk ratings or level of channel impact. High-risk segments indicate high levels of instability and sediment loading. Low-risk segments are the least impacted and most stable stream segments in the watershed.
Upper Ski Creek Watershed Erosion Control and Restoration - Pikes Peak, CO Phase 2 of a large-scale, multi-year effort to address severe sedimentation and erosion impacts caused by stormwater runoff from the Pikes Peak Highway. The project lead, Rocky Mountain Field Institute, constructed cross vanes, bank restoration structures and check dams to stabilize 2,500 feet of stream channel banks. Volunteers, interns and the Pikes Peak Corps contributed more than 1,200 hours of labor to the project. Excessive sediment in Ski Creek has degraded aquatic habitat and negatively impacted storage capacity in South Catamount Reservoir.
All Funded Projects

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