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Alternative Agricultural Water Transfer Methods Grants

What is the Alternative Agricultural Water Transfer Methods Grant Program?
The purpose of the Program is to assist in developing and implementing creative alternatives to the traditional purchase and transfer of agricultural water. These alternative methods could include:
  • Interruptible supply agreements ­
  • Long-term rotational fallowing ­
  • Water banks ­
  • Deficit/partial irrigation practices ­
  • Alternate cropping types

Who can apply for a Grant?
Any private or public entity that can contract with the state and that can establish and document the need for the project is eligible to apply for funds.

How can the money be used?
Approved projects should provide usable and transferable information that will increase our understanding of how to successfully design transfer programs that provide a long-term, reliable water supply while sustaining meaningful agricultural production.

Examples of activities that would qualify for funding from this program include: ­

  • Technical analysis of transferable consumptive use ­
  • Identification and examination of administrative and legal considerations or issues related to alternative agricultural water transfers ­
  • Technical, logistical and/or legal analysis/work to organize the institutional framework necessary to implement an alternative transfer method(s) ­
  • Technical, logistical and/or legal analysis of water supply delivery options. This may include conceptual solutions and the feasibility of implementing the delivery of water to the new use. ­
  • Assist in addressing potential third party concerns

How do I apply for a Grant?
Currently, the program has approximately $350,000 available for grants. 

  1. Review the Alternative Agricultural Water Transfer Methods Grants Criteria and Guidelines
  2. Submit the Application (word version application)form, statement of work, budget and schedule via email to Water Supply Planning section. Electronic applications can also be mailed to:

    Colorado Water Conservation Board
    Water Supply Planning Section 
    Alternative Ag Water Transfer Methods Grant Application
    Attn: Water Supply Planning Section/ATM
    1313 Sherman Street, Room 718 
    Denver, CO 80203

  3. Submit W-9 and Insurance Certificate form, if requested.

For more information about this program, please contact Craig Godbout at
303-866-3441 x 3210.

Example Projects

Project  Description  Supporting Documents 
Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District (LAVWCD)  The Grant funding provides for continued economic and engineering analyses of the Super Ditch Company, which would provide a means for irrigators under a group of ditch companies to collectively lease agricultural water for other uses, including municipal use. Rotational fallowing is likely to be the primary means of alternative transfer.  
Lower South Platte Irrigation Research and Demonstration Project  The project is a four-year study to quantify potential consumptive water use savings resulting from the use of deficit irrigation practices. By reducing the consumptive use of irrigated crops, an incremental volume difference between historic and future consumptive use can be computed.    

    South Park

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