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Colorado's Water Plan Grants


This year’s Projects Bill (SB 18-218) included $7 million to continue the Water Plan Grant program. The funding categories include:

  • $3 million to facilitate the development of additional storage, artificial recharge into aquifers, and dredging existing reservoirs to restore the reservoirs’ full decreed storage capacity for multi-beneficial projects and those projects identified in basin implementation plans to address the water supply and demand gap.
  • $1 million to provide technical assistance, project, or program funding for agricultural projects.
  • $1 million to implement long-term strategies for conservation, land use, and drought planning.
  • $500,000 for water education, outreach, and innovation efforts.
  • $1.5 million for environmental and recreational projects.

*New grant guidelines and application have been posted below.

At the May 23-24 2018 CWCB Board meeting, the Board approved the following schedule for Water Plan Grants for Fiscal Year 2018-19:

Submitted Applications Posted On CWCB Web Final Board Approval
August 1, 2018 September 1, 2018 November 2018
February 1, 2019 March 1, 2019 May 2019

Water Plan Grant Opportunities

The purpose of the Water Plan Grant funding is to make progress on the critical actions identified in the Colorado’s Water Plan (CWP) and its Measurable Objectives. All applications will be assessed based on funds available for a particular CWP Measurable Objective category. See below for project category balances.

The Board will select projects, programs and activities to fund from applications that have the best opportunity to make progress on the CWP’s Measurable Objectives or critical actions. The CWCB staff reserves the right to negotiate with successful applicants to modify the scope and budget of their project to better meet the CWP objectives in light of fund availability. CWCB staff will evaluate applications and recommend projects to the CWCB Board for final approval at its regularly scheduled Board meetings.

If you have questions email:

Water Storage & Supply Projects:

Conservation, Land Use Planning:

Engagement & Innovation Activities:

Agricultural Projects:

Environmental & Recreation Projects:

*If your grant crosses multiple topic areas, please copy all applicable program managers.

How to Submit:
Submit all application materials in one email to: in the original file formats (word or excel). Please do not combine documents. In the subject line, please include the funding category and name of the project.