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Frequently Asked Questions: State-approved Water Conservation Plan Requirements


State-approved Water Conservation Plan Requirements 

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Who is required to have a State-approved water conservation plan?


According to §37-60-126 C.R.S., all covered entities in Colorado shall develop, adopt, make publicly available, and implement a water conservation plan. Plans must comply, at a minimum, with the newly amended requisite plan elements identified in §37-60-126 C.R.S. Additionally, on and after July 1, 2006, a covered entity that seeks financial assistance from either the CWCB or the Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority shall submit to the CWCB a new or revised plan to meet water conservation goals adopted by the covered entity, in accordance with §37-60-126 C.R.S., for the CWCB’s approval prior to the release of new loan proceeds.
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