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Frequently Asked Questions: Reporting Requirements for Awared Water Efficiency Grants


Reporting Requirements for Awared Water Efficiency Grants 

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Are there any reporting requirements for grant funded projects?


Yes, all grant funded projects are required to provide written progress reports to the CWCB, via the OWCDP staff, at 50%, 75% completion of the project as well as a final report. The estimated dates of the progress reports must be included in the project scope of work contained in the application.  An approved Water Conservation or Drought Mitigation Plan is considered to be the final report.  In addition, Water Conservation Implementation Projects and Water Education & Outreach Project grant recipients will need to prepare and submit a final project report to the CWCB including a review of the activities completed, an estimate of actual water savings realized (for covered entities), and other information that is relevant to the CWCB’s record of the project and future use of the project outcomes.
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