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Frequently Asked Questions: Receiving WSRA Funds - How


Receiving WSRA Funds - How 

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Water Supply Reserve Account 

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How do I receive money?


The program is operated to ensure full disclosure and documentation of the use of the funds. The means you must have a detailed cost estimate and scope of work. The cost estimate must include were applicable: unit costs, types and quantities of materials, labor rates and man hours, details on any direct or indirect costs, source and documentation of any matching or in-kind contribution (if provided not required). Once the application is approved by both the Basin Roundtable and Colorado Water Conservation Board the applicant will enter into a contract or purchase order with the State.
Monies will only be disbursed based on actual costs and detailed invoicing to the Colorado Water Conservation Board as described in the Criteria and Guidelines. Monies can not be forward funded and you can not be reimbursed for costs that you may have incurred prior to entering into a valid contract or purchase order
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