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Frequently Asked Questions: Restrictions on WSRA Funds


Restrictions on WSRA Funds 

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Are there other restrictions that I should be aware of?


Some entities (state and local governments) are subject to the “Tax Payer’s Bill of Rights” which is also known as Tabor. This law was enacted in 1992 and it limits both the debt AND revenue that a state or local government can incur or receive. Water conservation and conservancy districts, special districts, municipal and county governments are all likely to be subject to Tabor. Irrigation districts that primarily serve the private interests of its member may not be subject to Tabor. However, since Tabor is a complicated law and each entity is unique, it is the responsibility of the individual entity to ensure that they are in compliance with Tabor. There are many complexities and questions to comply with Tabor and it is advised that you work with your attorney and accountants to address Tabor.
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