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Frequently Asked Questions: Receiving WSRA Funds - Who


Receiving WSRA Funds - Who 

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Loans & Grants 

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Water Supply Reserve Account 

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Water Supply Planning 


Who can receive money?


The program has very few restrictions on who can receive money. The applicant must be willing to address any legal and income tax implications as well as being willing to enter into a contract with the State of Colorado. Eligible entities that may apply for grants or loans from the Account include:

  • Public (Government) - municipalities, enterprises, counties, state and federal government
  • Public (Districts) - special, water and sanitation, conservancy, conservations, irrigation, water activity enterprises
  • Private Incorporated - mutual ditch companies, homeowners associations, non-profit corporations
  • Private (Unincorporated) - individuals, partnerships, sole proprietors
  • Non-governmental organizations - are broadly defined as any organization that is not part of the government. These organizations are typically non-profit but they also include for-profit corporations.
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