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Frequently Asked Questions: Satellite Stream Gages Monitoring Stream Flows


Satellite Stream Gages Monitoring Stream Flows 

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How do CWCB staff use satellite-linked stream gages to monitor stream flows?


The State Engineer's Office (SEO) and United States Geological Survey Water Science Center (USGS) operate a network of over 700 satellite stream gages in Colorado. The CWCB staff works cooperatively with both these agencies to help fund and employ the latest technology to remotely monitor stream flows on a near-real time basis at these gages. Select gages are monitored by CWCB staff via the state's SMS alert system in order to track stream conditions for both low flow and flood flow occurrences. The SMS alert system allows stream flow information transmitted via satellite to be immediately forwarded to staff's e-mail and cell phones. This data is also utilized in the Instream Flow and Flood Decision Support Systems to allow staff to graphically map and track the alerts on a statewide basis.
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