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Frequently Asked Questions: Donated or Leased Water Rights


Donated or Leased Water Rights 

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What happens to my water right if I donate or lease it to the state?


In Colorado, water rights are property rights that are decreed by the Water Court for a specific use. In order to use the water right for a different purpose, the water right needs to be changed by the court. When water rights are donated or leased to CWCB, the terms and conditions of the transfer, as well as any future obligations are outlined in a separate contract called an Acquisition Agreement.

Once the change is approved by the court, the water rights are held by the CWCB, and are monitored and administered according to the terms of the contract and the new court decree. Under certain circumstances, a water user can temporarily loan an agricultural water right to the Board without the need for water court approval (see 37-83-105(2) C.R.S.)
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