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Frequently Asked Questions: Instream Flow Water Right Impacts


Instream Flow Water Right Impacts 

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Can an instream flow water right impact my water right?


 An instream flow is a new junior water right, and as such, cannot affect senior decreed water rights being used for decreed purposes.  Additionally, the statutes provide that an instream flow appropriation shall be subject to the present uses or exchanges of water being made by other water users "pursuant to appropriation or practices in existence on the date of such appropriation." If you decide to sell or change your water right to another location or use, the statutes allow vested water right holders to review the proposed change for potential impacts, and to request terms and conditions in the new decree to prevent injury to their vested water rights. This statutory protection from injury extends to instream flow water rights.
Created at 6/30/2010 9:33 AM  by System Account 
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