Each section of the CWCB Water Conservation Plan Development Guidance Document is available in its complete form as a pdf using the links in the first column. A directory of the pdfs is also available. The linked pages in subsequent columns contain excerpts from the pdf files.


This Guidance Document was created through the combined efforts and perseverance of a number of individuals and organizations that share a strong desire to support local water planning to meet the challenges of managing our State’s water resources. Contributors to this document also acknowledge that meaningful water conservation, linked to effective water resources planning, must be allowed to occur under the leadership of local water planners, supported where and when appropriate by the State and other available resources.

The individuals that assisted in the development of this guidance document include:

Kevin Bommer, Colorado Municipal League
Garin Bray, Colorado Farm Bureau
Natalie Brower-Kirton, City of Aurora
Carrie Campbell, Pagosa Springs Water and Sanitation District
Matthew Cook, Coors Brewing Company
Elizabeth Gardener, Denver Water
Paul Lander, City of Boulder
Bart Miller, Western Resource Advocates
Don Wojcik, Western Resource Advocates
Jason Wolfe, Special Districts Association
Jack Byers, State Engineers Office
Alexandra Davis, State Attorney General’s Office
Frank McNulty, Department of Natural Resources, Executive Director’s Office

This document draws heavily on table templates and other material from the U.S. EPA’s Voluntary Water Conservation Plan Guidelines. The authors and the CWCB gratefully acknowledge the use of this public domain material.